Fall 2013 Courses with Human Rights Related Themes

These courses are part of the “Unraveling Inequality” cluster of courses that are exploring human rights and social justice this semester. Instructors plan a joint series of activities to expose students to a variety of human rights issues and the lived experiences that make these issues real and important.

Anth 171: Cultural Anthropology

Anth 350: Healing, Birthing & Dying 

Art 343: Graphic Design IV

Educ 225: Education for Social Justice

Gateway 100: The Society History of a Candy Bar 

Gateway 100: Utopianism & its Critics 

Health 230: Human Nutrition 

Health 330: Human Sexuality 

Hum 102: Models of Community, 500-1500 

Inst 222/322: International Human Rights

LC 272: From Utopia to Science Fiction in Russia & Germany

Nurs 214: Nursing and Society

Psci 303: International Law 

Soc 120: Social Problems 

Soc/Psci 395: Action Research Seminar 

Span 240: Spanish for Social Justice