Honors & Research

Humanities Scholar grants - past recipients Nathan Douglas ('15), Thalia Novoa ('16)

Independent Study (Spn 499) in Hispanic Studies

Research Honors in Hispanic Studies

John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference

Sigma Delta Pi - National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society


Nathan Douglas '15 (hometown Monticello, IL) studied abroad on IWU's Spain Program in Barcelona. He was a Fall 2013 Humanities Scholar recipient providing research assistance for Prof. Carolyn Nadeau. He was responsible for helping transcribe Arte de cozina, pastelería, vizochería y conservería (1611) .

Nathan Douglas

"While working with the Arte de cozina text, I was able to learn many interesting things about life in early modern Spain.  Especially interesting to me was the use of traditionally Arabic ingredients in the Spanish cuisine.  At some points, it seemed like the recipes were more Arabic than Spanish!  During my time with Professor Nadeau, I also had the opportunity to accompany her to a conference in Barcelona, Spain.  During that trip, I was able to attend the trilingual (Spanish-Catalan-English) conference, listen to presentations, and network with the scholars present.

My experience on the project with Professor Nadeau has been especially helpful in preparing me for post-baccalaureate work that I plan to pursue in the areas of peninsular literature and culture.  Not only has Professor Nadeau given me invaluable experience to work on a major research project as an undergraduate student, but she has also been a phenomenal mentor and guide to me as I prepare to undertake a career of research and teaching at the post-secondary level.  As both a scholar and an educator, I will strive to possess the same knowledge, professionalism, care for students that Professor Nadeau has shared with me and countless other students.”


Thalia Novoa '16 (hometown Marquette Heights, IL) will study abroad in Quito, Ecuador. She was the Spring 2014 Humanities Scholar recipient providing research assistance for Prof. Carmela Ferradáns creating a bilingual poetry booklet and podcast.

Thalia Novoa

"Professor Ferradáns has been an amazing staff member to work with. She has taught me so many things. By giving me this project she has taught me how to adapt to any situation, to include my own personality into the research, but most importantly she has taught me to be passionate and to take pride in the work that I am doing. Every time I work on our project it relaxes me, I feel as if I am doing something fun instead of work.  I enjoy the challenge of not knowing what I am doing, and learning an important tool every step of the way. I never thought that I would enjoy reading poetry and enjoy being a pretend DJ, but I guess I never really tried it out. I am excited that I accepted the offer, because every day I look forward to reading poetry.

My plans in the future are to be a professor. Working close with Professor Ferradáns has reassured me of my decision. I loved being in charge of the project and making decisions. Scheduling appointments and making phone calls was not the most joyous time of my life, but I know that the outcome will be worth it at the end. I am excited to present or prefect on International poetry day.  My biggest hope is that the students and faculty will enjoy the poems and feel the passion that Professor Ferradáns and I shared during this project."