Social Event Planning

To complete your Social Event Planning Guide, click HERE.

All fraternities & sororities at Illinois Wesleyan University are required to complete a Social Event Planning Guide for their on & off-campus social functions with alcohol present with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life. This is to help chapters practice an increased harms reduction and support adherence to both University and Inter/national risk management policies. A copy of the completed planning guide will be given to the sponsoring chapter leadership, it's chapter advisor, IWU Security and the Associate Dean of Students.

Events should be registered as outlined below:

  • For events WITH alcohol and held ON CAMPUS at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the event.
  • For events WITH alcohol and held OFF CAMPUS at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the event.

Any events registered less than the appropriate number days in advance will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

For events involving alcohol, final guest lists are due 24 hours prior to the event. For events occurring over the weekend, lists are due by noon the last business day before the event to allow for review.

Social Event Planning Institute. Prior to being allowed to host an event with alcohol, the chapter social chair, risk management chair, and president (at minimum) must attend a training session focused on reviewing risk management policies, harm reduction practices, and the event planning guide.

All members who will serve as a sober monitor or beverage distribution center monitor for an event must attend a series of training sessions educating about the effects of alcohol, event procedures, and bystander intervention.

Co-sponsored events. For any events [swaps/mixers/exchanges] that are hosted by 2 or more organizations (IWU chapters co-sponsoring with other IWU chapters, ISU chapters, organizations, etc.), the portion of the Social Event Planning Guide specific to cosponsored events should be completed as part of the guide.  

Hosting social functions in on-campus facilities. Chapters are able to host social functions in on campus facilities as long as they adhere to all campus policies. Any food or beverage at the event must be catered through Sodexo Dinning Services. Reservations for facility use must be made through the R-25 Reservation system. All applicable policies and guidelines for facility usage established by IWU as well as any fire code capacities set by the University should be followed.

Off-campus event security. For all off-campus events involving alcohol, chapters must hire external security to assist in managing the event. Many venues include security in their event contracts and these would meet this requirement. For events in venues where security is not provided, chapters should contract with an external security company.

Wrist bands. With each event involving alcohol, OFSL will supply chapters with no-removable wrist bands. Chapters will be provided with a corresponding number of wrist bands for those guests who are 21+ (male and female). Wristbands for those 21 and over who are female will have 4 tear off tabs. Wristbands for those 21 and over who are male will have 5 tear off tabs. A tab should be removed by the server or beverage attendant each time a drink is purchased/distributed by that individual. Bartenders must still check photo id for those with tear off tabs before selling to them.

Guest lists. Guest lists are required for all events with alcohol. All guest lists should follow one of the templates in the resources section of this page. Guests lists are limited to 2 guests per member or a total number of guests that does not exceed the fire code for the facility, whichever is reached first. Your guest list should include members and pledges/new members as well as any non-members guests (male and female). If alumni are attending the event, you should also include them on the guest list. Final guest lists are due 24 hours prior to the event. For events occurring over the weekend, lists are due by noon the last business day before the event to allow for review.

Post event follow up. Within 5 business days following an event, a Post-Event Assessment Form must be turned into OFSL for review. OFSL staff may contact the chapter leadership to review the assessment in person. Additionally, an unused wristbands corresponding with those guests who do not attend should be turned back in with the guest list.




FIPG Policy

FIPG Manual

BYOB Guide

Third Party Vendor Check List

Security Vendor Checklist

Sample Designated Driver Policy

Building Your Guest List

There are a few easy ways to build a guest list for your next social function. These are outlined below; click on the title for an example of what it might look like.

Spreadsheet or Sign-Up List 

  1. Create a spreadsheet and allow members to add guests’ names.
  2. Bring the list to a chapter meeting, post it online, or hang it on a bulletin board in the chapter house.
  3. Each member and new members’ name should be on the list next to a blank space for each guest they’re allowed to invite [e.g. two guests per member/new member].
  4. To utilize at the door, sort the finalized list alphabetically by the guest’s last name. Be sure to leave the member’s name next to the guest’s, as well as spaces for the guest’s signature, time in, and time out.

Numbered Invitations  

  1. Distribute numbered invitations to each member/new member to give to his guests.
  2. These invitations should be printed professionally or created in a way so they can’t be easily copied. Tickets cannot be sold or bartered. Keep a list with each member and new member’s name on it and the numbers of the invitations they were given.
  3. During the event, keep a sign-in sheet at the door and write the guest’s name next to the invitation number as s/he turns in the invitation.

Closed Facebook Event

  1. Create a closed [non-recurring] event with a specific start and end time. Do NOT simply create a chapter party  group  and attempt to use it as a guest list.
  2. Do NOT allow friends to extend the guest list. Set the Privacy to “Invite Only.” Do NOT allow members or guests to post photos or videos. 
  3. A designated member [e.g. Risk Management Chair] should be set as the Host and administrator for the event.
  4. Each  member/new member should submit the names of guests to the Host for invitation to the event OR the Host should designate a specific  period  of time during which members will be given access to add guests to the event.
  5. To utilize at the door, s elect the list of guests who identified they will be “Going” to the event. Click  “Export guest  list”  to open  the  list of  attendees  in  an  Excel spreadsheet. Sort the finalized list alphabetically by the guest’s  last name.  Be sure to add the name of the member inviting the guest and leave spaces for the guest’s signature, time in, and time out.