CPH Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President presides over Panhellenic meetings in the absence of the President. She also serves as the co-chairperson of the FSPB Board of Directors, along with the IFC Executive Vice President, and is responsible for providing general administrative oversight to the FSPB including planning weekly meetings to obtain board goals and objectives and ensuring members carry out their duties.  She attends all FSPB meetings, training sessions, retreats and required events/workshops and attends a biweekly meeting with the IFC Executive Vice President and the FSPB Advisor. The Executive Vice President supervises the FSPB Director of Women’s Programs and meets with her for bi-weekly 1:1 meetings and co-supervises the remaining FSPB Board of Director members with the IFC Executive Vice President and meet with them for bi-weekly One-on-Two meetings. She also facilitates and properly records the AFLV Assessment and Awards program applications in all categories.

Officer Goals

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