FSL Intramural Soccer

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Activity Courts 2 & 3, Shirk Center

Previous Intramural soccer pairings (see below) will play their regular scheduled season game.  This event will double as the Greek Week kick-off event.  Members are encouraged to come and cheer on their chapter.  Because IM Soccer teams are previously assigned, there will be no points assigned in Greek Week for the winning teams.  Points will be awarded based on percentage of the GW team that attends/participates.

Intramural questions? Please contact Connor Tietz, FSPB Co-Director of Wellness, at fspb@iwu.edu.
Greek Week Questions? Please contact Stephanie Schwingle, FSPB Director of Community Programs, at fspb@iwu.edu.

IM Soccer Pairings

Team 1

Alpha Gamma Delta and Phi Gamma Delta

Team 2

Kappa Delta, Acacia, and Tau Kappa Epsilon

Team 3

Kappa Kappa Gamma and Theta Chi

Team 4

Sigma Kappa and Sigma Chi


  1. Six players (including goalkeeper) on the court at a time.
  2. No jewelry, hats, etc.
  3. A penalty shot will be awarded for a hard foul inside the "box" a.k.a inside the 3-point arc. The shot will be taken from the top of the basketball key.
  4. The goalkeeper may use his/her hands inside the 3-point basketball arc.With small goals, there will be no goalkeeper and there should be no player allowed to defend below the blocks on the basketball foul lane. (Any violation should be a warning on the first violation and then a penalty shot on subsequent violations.)
  5. All restarts of play are direct kicks whether on a foul or if ball goes over endline for a corner kick or goal kick.
  6. If game is tied at the end of the game (2 halves of 25 minutes each), there will be a 5 minute sudden victory overtime. If game is still tied then game will be decided by penalty shots. If there is a shootout, it will be a best of 5 kicks.
  7. No sliding, tripping, or fighting. No foul language.
  8. Goalkeepers may not under any circumstances use their hands if their own team passes him/her the ball.