Alison Sainsbury, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English

Ph.D., Cornell University

Bred, born, and educated in the West, and still longing for it, Dr. Sainsbury finds peace in a kayak on the waters of the Midwest.  She views her part in the Environmental Studies program as helping students move away from living in a place to living in place.

Courses taught in the Environmental Studies Program:

English 220 Thinking Like a Mountain: Literature and Environmental Consciousness
English 170 Radioactive: Writing in the Nuclear Age
English 220 American Ground Zero: Voices from Downwind (May Term)
Women's Studies 270 Wild Women: Women and the Natural World (May Term).

Evergreen Lake

It's not much, really:
a reservoir, man-made,
much of it less than ten feet deep.

            (But     in the shallows
                        herons line the banks,
                              listing to one side,


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