District 87 - Background Check Requirements

Fall 2013

Candidates completing field hours in District 87 schools must complete a full student teacher background check or student observer check prior to the first day in the field. Students are responsible for all costs associated with background checks. These requirements are subject to change. Please read all information and instructions carefully.

What type of check do I need to complete?

Candidates who completed a full fingerprint student teacher background check for District 87 (CHRI) in the spring of 2013 do not need to complete a new fingerprint check.

Student teacher background check (CHRI) applies to any college student having contact and interaction with students in Bloomington Public Schools. The following students must complete this check if they are placed in District 87:

  • Candidates enrolled in their first music techniques course, who have not previously completed any background check. You will observe at Bloomington High School, so you must complete the check.
  • Candidates enrolled  in Education 225, 255, 260, 301, 325, OR Music 332, 333A,  who did NOT complete a full fingerprint background check in spring 2013.

Observer background check (name based) applies to any college student doing observations only and who does not have any contact or interaction with District 87 students.

  • This check only applies to students enrolled in a music techniques course for fall. (Please note: First year students enrolled in their first techniques course must complete the full student teacher background check. Students who completed an observer background check last spring must repeat this check in the fall).

I've already completed a background check. Why do I need to do this again?

Due to state and federal law, and individual district policy, candidates must complete a new check for each district. Some districts may require a new check annually. Students are responsible for all costs.