State of Illinois Examination Requirements

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) requires all teacher licensure candidates to pass the (1) Test of Academic Proficiency (or submit minimum ACT/SAT (with writing) score, (2) Content Area test, and (3) Assessment of Professional Teaching.The ICTS website posts registration information, test dates and study guides. You must register for all tests in advance and report Illinois Wesleyan University as a score recipient. Please review test registration and score report deadlines carefully in order to meet program deadlines for admission, student teaching, and licensure. 

See for more information about the Test of Academic Proficiency or minimum ACT/SAT (with writing).

Summary of State Test Requirements

Test of Academic Proficiency (400)  or ACT/SAT (with writing)  meeting requirements. No later than the end of fall term, sophomore year. Passing score is required by April 15th of the sophomore year. Required for admission to TEP and enrollment in upper level professional education coursework.
Content Test (choose one)
Elementary/Middle Grades (110)
Biology (105)
Chemistry (106)
Mathematics (115)
Physics (116)
English (111)
History (114)
French (127)
Spanish (135)
Spring term, Junior year. Passing score is required by April 30 of junior year, prior to student teaching. Required for student teaching acceptance.
Assessment of Professional Teaching
Elementary (102)
Secondary Math, Science, History (103)
Secondary French, Spanish 104)      
Spring term, senior year, after student teaching. Should be taken no later than April 15th senior year, or in November for December graduates (9th semester). Required for recommendation for licensure.