Certification Course Requirements

Upon completing an approved program and taking all ISBE tests, you will earn a secondary certificate (type 09) with an endorsement in Mathematics.  You will be “highly qualified” to teach honors and AP courses in Mathematics, as well as lower level courses. There are no designations within this endorsement. 

While the secondary certificate is for grades 6-12, teaching grades 6-8 requires a middle school endorsement. 

The requirements listed below reflect the most recent information from the Mathematics department. You are advised to consult the IWU catalog and your major advisor regarding current requirements for your graduating class.

Professional Education Requirements

The courses below must be taken in the sequence listed. Refer to the IWU catalog for course prerequisites and restrictions on concurrent enrollment.

First year, spring semester or sophomore year, fall semester   Educ 225 Education and Social Justice (CSI)
Sophomore year, fall or spring   Educ 255 Child Study and Assessment (WI)
    Educ 257 The Exceptional Child (U)
Sophomore year, spring or junior year, fall   Educ 260 Middle School Philosophy (elective; required for middle school endorsement)
Junior year, spring   Educ 362 Curriculum and Pedagogy in grades 6-12 Mathematics
    Educ 365 Reading, Writing, and Communication in the Content Areas
Senior year, fall *   Educ 490 Student Teaching Seminar
    Educ 494 Student Teaching: Secondary Mathematics
Senior year spring **   Educ 498 Educational Inquiry

**Ninth semester graduates only may take Educ 498 prior to student teaching during the spring semester of the senior year, with department approval.


Middle School Endorsement Option

Mathematics candidates wishing to teach subject specific grades 6-8 must complete Middle School Philosophy (Ed 260). Coursework on early adolescent development is included in Educational Studies 255 and 260. Candidates wishing to student teach in grades 6-8 should take Educ 260 prior to student teaching, but not concurrent with Educational Studies 362.  The coursework listed below is also required.

°Educ 351: Middle School Mathematics
°At least five units from four of the areas listed below:

  • Calculus (Math 161, 162,263, 264 or Math 165, 166, 267)
  • Modern Algebra or Number Theory (Math 215, 337, 405)
  • Geometry (Math 425)
  • Computer Science (135 does not count toward the mathematics major)
  • Probability and Statistics (Math 324, 325)
  • History of Mathematics
  • Math content courses for elementary teachers (Math 105/6 do not count toward the mathematics major)

The courses on the prior page may include those for which you have earned AP credit or taken at other institutions, with the approval of your major advisor and the Director of Teacher Education.

Major Requirements

The goal of the mathematics program is to assure that you will have both a thorough knowledge of the content areas you will be teaching, and the skills necessary to communicate effectively with your students. You are required to be proficient in calculus and linear algebra (areas closely related to the subjects you will be teaching), and a variety of more abstract areas of modern mathematics. The more advanced courses provide depth and breadth of knowledge of the subject as a whole, as well as an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the high school mathematics curriculum. They also serve to develop the skills necessary for clarity and precision of expression.

The requirements for teacher education candidates in mathematics are designed to provide students with a reasonable amount of flexibility in course selection. Consult with your faculty advisor in Mathematics in order to tailor a program suited to your academic needs.

The requirements listed below reflect the most recent information from the Mathematics department. You are advised to consult the IWU catalog and your major advisor regarding current requirements for your graduating class.


One of the following calculus sequences:

Math 161, 162, 263, and 264 Calculus: Traditional Sequence
Math 165, 166, and 267 Analysis

Additional core courses: (complete 200 & 215 by end of second year)

Math 200 Techniques of Mathematical Proof (W)
Math 215 Linear Algebra

Two of the following courses (at least one must be taken during the senior year):

Math 405 Modern Algebra
Math 410 Complex Analysis
Math 415 Intro. to Real Analysis
Math 425 Topics in Geometry
Math 440 Topology
Math 470* Special Topics

Four additional electives, chosen from the 400-level courses above and the following list:

Math 300 Mathematical Modeling
Math 303 Regression and Time Series
Math 307 Numerical Analysis
Math 310 Combinatorics and Graph Theory
Math 311 Parallel Computing
Math 324 Probability
Math 325 Mathematical Statistics
Math 330 Linear Programming
Math 337 Algorithmic Number Theory
Math 340 Differential Equations
Math 351 Wavelet Analysis
Math 360 Topics in Logic

*Only the Special Topics (470) courses that have been approved by the Mathematics Department will count towards the major requirements. Check with your advisor in Mathematics before enrolling in a special topics course.

ISBE Standards

Mathematics candidates must demonstrate proficiency in the content area standards in Mathematics . The APT test, Grades 6-12 (103) is required prior to recommendation for certification. Registration can be completed on the ICTS webpage.


Second Subject Endorsements

Mathematics candidates seeking middle school endorsements in other content areas should speak with your Educational Studies advisor.

You may also add endorsements to your certificate after graduation and any time during your teaching career by completing state requirements . The application form can be found here.