Criminal Records History Check

All students must complete a criminal history record check prior to the first clinical placement in the public schools. (Public Act 96-1452/School Code 10-21.9). Results of the criminal history record check must be furnished to Illinois Wesleyan University and may be shared with all schools in which students are considered for, or placed at for clinical experiences. Students may be required to submit to multiple criminal history record checks per individual district policy. The student is responsible for all costs for any additional checks.

A complete criminal history records check consists of

  • fingerprint-based checks through the Illinois State Police (ISP) and the FBI,
  • check of the Illinois Sex Offender Registry,and
  • check of the Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry.

Note: Illinois State Police results will be sent directly to Illinois Wesleyan University. FBI results may ONLY be retrieved by the student on-line. The student is required to retrieve their results, print, and submit to Kelly Lawton, CLA 143. Instructions for retrieval will be given at the fingerprint clinic.

Accurate Biometrics is the provider for Illinois Wesleyan University. Students must complete an Illinois State and FBI fingerprint background check by attending the fingerprint clinic on campus on September 11th, or by completing at another of Accurate Biometrics locations. Visit the schedule on the Accurate Biometrics Web site. It is important for Illinois Wesleyan University students to take the criminal background check form (pdf). You must complete this requirement by September 15th

Fingerprint Clinic
September 11th

Memorial Center
Cartwright Room

You will be fingerprinted twice. The FBI check is 45.00 and the Illinois check is 30.00. Be prepared to pay the 75.00 fee (cash or money order only) at your appointment.

Bring 2 forms of ID to your appointment – one must be a valid government issued photo ID and at least one must have your correct address (can be parent's address).

Bring signed completed forms to your appointment.

Step 1: Sign up for an appointment.

Step 2: Read and print the FBI Fingerprint Instructions.

Step 3: Complete and print the FBI Applicant Information Form.

Step 4: Complete and print the Illinois UCIA form.

Step 5: Retrieve your FBI results and submit to Kelly Lawton, CLA 143.