English Language Arts

Upon completing the approved program in English Language Arts and taking all ISBE tests, you will earn a secondary certificate (Type 09) with an endorsement in English Language Arts.  You will be highly qualified to teach honors and AP courses in English, as well as lower level courses.  While the secondary certificate is for grades 6-12, teaching grades 6-8 requires a middle school endorsement. 

The English curriculum provides students with a sound background in interpreting literature and expository writing, and prepares you to teach these subjects to secondary students. The diversity of the secondary education English curriculum requires competence in language arts and grammar, teaching ability in several periods of literature, knowledge of various genres and major figures, and a strong background in both English and American literature.

The requirements listed reflect the most recent information from the English department. You are advised to consult the IWU catalog and your English advisor regarding current requirements for your graduating class. See the Teacher Education Program Handbook for information about program admittance, student teaching, and Illinois and Illinois Wesleyan certification requirements.

Professional Education

The courses below must be taken in the sequence listed. Refer to the IWU catalog for course prerequisites and restrictions on concurrent enrollment.

First year, spring semester or sophomore year, fall semester   Educ 225 Education and Social Justice (CSI)
Sophomore year, fall or spring   Educ 255 Child Study and Assessment (WI)
    Educ 257 The Exceptional Child (U)
Sophomore year, spring or junior year, fall   Educ 260 Middle School Philosophy (elective; required for middle school endorsement)
Junior year, spring   Educ 360 Curriculum and Pedagogy in English and Foreign Language
    Educ 365 Reading, Writing, and Communication in the Content Areas
Senior year, fall *   Educ 490 Student Teaching Seminar
    Educ 491 Student Teaching: Secondary English Language Arts
Senior year spring **   Educ 498 Educational Inquiry

*Chicago Center participants may student teach spring semester senior year, with approval.
**Ninth semester graduates and spring semester Chicago Center candidates may take Educ 498 during the spring semester of the junior year, with department approval.

Major Requirements (12 units: Writing; 10 units: Literature)

Engl 280 Practical Criticism
Engl 480 Senior Seminar

English Majors with a Writing Concentration ADD:

Select 1 from Engl 220-259 Foundations courses (Gateway is a pre-requisite)
Select 2 from Engl 201, 202, 206, 211, 212, 272* Lower Division Writing courses
Select 1 from Engl 200/300 level. Writing Course
Select 2 from Engl 301**, 315, 325, 401 Upper Division Writing courses
Select 4 from Engl 300/400 level Literature courses (one must be pre-1830 literature)

*272 must be designated a writing course
**may be repeated for credit with different subject matter

English Majors with a Literature Emphasis ADD:

Select 1 from Engl 220-259 Foundations courses
Select 1 or 2 from Engl 170, 220, 231-272 Foundations and Literature courses (only one unit of 170 may be counted toward the major) (must be completed prior to student teaching)
Select 5 or 6 Engl 300/400 level Literature (one must be pre-1830 literature) (4 must be completed prior to student teaching)
  • See your English faculty advisor or the IWU catalog for allowed substitutions.
  • English majors seeking licensure in teaching are strongly advised to take at least one 300-level Shakespeare course.