Meet Evelyn Chapel's Staff and Multifaith Student Ambassadors

Elyse Nelson Winger

University Chaplain

Evelyn Chapel Main Office



Rev. Elyse Nelson Winger graduated from Wellesley College with a Religion major in 1995 and then studied at The Divinity School at The University of Chicago where she received a Master of Divinity degree in 1999. She also completed a Certificate of Studies at The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago in 1999. She then moved to Cairo, Egypt, where she worked at as an education director and pastoral intern at St. Andrew’s Church, an international and English–speaking congregation in the heart of Cairo. In 2003, she and her family returned to the United States where she was ordained into ministry with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Between 2003 and 2011, Elyse served two congregations in Dearborn, Michigan and Bloomington, Illinois. 

In August 2011, she began new work as University Chaplain at IWU where she offers spiritual growth opportunities to students, engages students in making connections between the liberal arts, social justice and multifaith society, coordinates Alternative Fall and Spring Breaks and interfaith service opportunities, and provides counsel and support to  members of the campus community.

Locally, Elyse serves on the Governing Board of the Community Cancer Center and the Delegate Executive Committee of the Delegate Church Association at Advocate Bromenn hospital.  She also serves on the Board of Directors for Lutheran Social Services of Illinois and enjoys writing a column entitled “Family Matters” for the print magazine Gather.

Susan Klotzbach

University Organist

Evelyn Chapel Second Floor



Meet our Multifaith Ambassadors


Jennifer Altman '16


I was raised in Palatine, Illinois in the Reform Jewish tradition and am currently a sophomore Biology major. As a Multifaith Ambassador, I am excited to share my Jewish traditions in conjunction with the Hillel RSO and to experience many other traditions.  In addition to Evelyn programming, I will also be assisting in planning an Alternative Fall and Spring Break trip.

Hannah Eby '15


My name is Hannah Eby, and I am a junior here at Illinois Wesleyan with a double major in music and Hispanic studies.  This is my second year as a Multifaith Ambassador, a position particularly appealing to me because I believe that encouraging curiosity and open-mindedness about other peoples’ beliefs is a crucial first step towards peace and social justice in our world today.  I relish this opportunity to learn about the diversity of beliefs here on campus and to further investigate my own faith as a Presbyterian.  This year, I look forward to working with fellow Multifaith Ambassadors in this vibrant program—whether it be through great conversations at ReligiosiTEA, engaging in community volunteer events through IWU Interfaith RSO, or meeting people passionate about making a difference on our campus through the Multifaith Ambassador Program.

Nicole Chlebek '16


My name is Nicole Chlebek.  I am from Lombard, IL – a Northwest suburb of Chicago.  Here at IWU, I am double-majoring in Sociology and Environmental Studies concentrated in Ecology.  Although I was never grounded in my religious affiliation in high school, I became a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago because of the incredible community I was welcomed into. Today, I am proud to be an Episcopalian who believes all religions are important and needed in our multifaith-filled world today.  This year, I am truly excited to bring peoples of different faiths and non-faiths together under common goals like volunteering to help the homeless and working to become a more sustainable community.  My hope is that we can take a step further in becoming a pluralist community so we can address and solve our worldly issues of today together.

Tess Kelley '16


I am a sophomore biology major, concentrating in ecology and was raised in LaGrange in various Christian traditions including Methodist, Presbyterian, and Episcopalian. Currently, I am nonreligious, but find spirituality in nature. I am excited to hear other people’s perspectives within their faiths and learn about their various traditions. As a Multifaith Ambassador, I will be communicating with RSOs and keeping them up to date on Chapel, Interfaith, and ReligiosiTEA events.

Lisa Mishra '15


I am a junior Economics and International Studies (Development) double major, and was raised in the Hindu tradition.  My multifaith passions include increasing religious literacy and a strong commitment to action-oriented peace work.  I'm excited to create multiple service days and to provide students interfaith volunteer opportunities. I am also looking forward to inviting guest speakers from several faith backgrounds to our RSO, IWU Interfaith!

Mark Timmermann '14


My name is Mark Timmerman and I am a fourth-year Religion Major from Monmouth, Illinois. I am a Christian and am passionate about loving God and loving others, and I am excited to have an opportunity to do those things as a Multifaith Ambassador this year. I believe all people, regardless of their religious or non-religious views, are equal and deserve to have their voices heard on IWU’s campus. There is so much to gain from being in relationships with people who hold different beliefs, having Interfaith dialogue that breaks down prejudices and enhances love and understanding, and participating in service projects with each other. I am excited to contribute to this new Multifaith Ambassador program at IWU and I know that it will contribute to the intellectual progress of the IWU community.

Aaron Woodstein '15


My name is Aaron Woodstein and I am a Jewish Technical Theatre Major. I am passionate about interfaith discussions. Specifically discussions on social justice issues such as LGBT rights. I am excited to be directing a scene in the Banned Books program on October 2nd and to be participating in Light The Night again for its second year.