Fellowships and Grants

The fellowships listed below provide support for students to finish their undergraduate education, participate in undergraduate research and to study abroad.  The post-baccalaureate fellowships provide funding for graduate study, post-graduate research, and other professional development.  

  Most of the fellowships are competitive and awarded on the basis of merit.   While the application process is different for each fellowship, most require the completion of a detailed application form, a proposal and/or a personal statement, and an institutional endorsement from Illinois Wesleyan.  It is strongly recommended that potential applicants contact the Associate Provost’s Office well in advance of application deadlines.


Opportunities for sophomores and juniors

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships.  Goldwater Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to sophomores or juniors who plan to pursue careers in the STEM disciplines.  Recipients will receive a yearly stipend to support their undergraduate education.

Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Scholarships.  These awards provide support for students interested in a career in foreign service.  The scholarship funds may be used for a variety of purposes, including' tuition and living expenses during the senior year, domestic or international internships, and post-graduate support for the pursuit of a master's degree.

Harry S. Truman Scholarships. For students interested in a career of public service or government, the Truman provides merit-based support for graduate study.  Applicants must have demonstrated leadership potential and a demonstrated commitment to public service.


Opportunities for seniors 

Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award. The Cooke award is a competitive program for art students pursuing their first graduate degree in the visual arts, creative writing, or the performing arts.  Awards up to $50,000 are given to meritorious students with demonstrated financial need.  The application process has two phases, beginning with an application directly to the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, followed by a second phase in which the candidate must receive an institutional endorsement. 

Fulbright Grants. Students can apply for either research/study grants or for English Teaching Assistantships in countries located across the globe.  Fulbright awards are extended to graduating seniors and to recently graduated students. 

Marshall Scholarships.  These highly-competitive awards support students who are pursing a graduate degree at any British university.  The field of study is open.

Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowships. As noted above, these awards provide support for students interested in a career in foreign service.  Applicants must be U.S. citizens and interested in becoming Foreign Service Officers.  Funding may be used to help pay for expenses during the first and second year of graduate study, including support for students taking internships during that period. 

Rhodes Scholarship. The Rhodes scholarship supplies competitive funding for students to study at Oxford University after graduation.  These scholarships are highly competitive and open to U.S. citizens.  While Illinois Wesleyan is not allowed to nominate non-U.S. citizens for the Rhodes, there are Rhodes scholarships available to citizens from some select countries around the world.