Graphic Design
Graphic Design Courses Offered

141 Graphic Design I

A course designed to introduce students to visual communication, aesthetic theory, and computer graphics tools and techniques. Students explore graphic design as a means of communication, artistic expression, and organization of information. A series of critiques, group discussions, research and information gathering assignments, lectures and demonstrations, complement studio work. Fulfills general education requirements for The Arts category. Offered each semester.

CS 142 Web for Graphic Design

A studio course exploring visual layout principles of interactive website design. Survey of methodology, theory, and best practices of web design solutions. Projects will explore current technologies. Offered each Spring.

241 Graphic Design II: Advertising Design

An introduction to persuasive graphic design. A continuation of study in typography and art through a series of advertising problems. An introduction to computerized graphic design will allow students to expand their visual vocabulary and prepare artwork for a printed piece. Students will look at the history and social impact of advertising. Prerequisite: 141. Offered each Fall semester.

341 Graphic Design III: Publication Design

A study of visual presentations from newsletters to magazines and books. An in-depth study of computer graphics software used to organize complex information in preparation for the printing process. Students will be exposed to advanced theories, principles and practice of typography. Prerequisite: 241. Offered each Spring.

343 Graphic Design IV

A study of complex graphic design problems including identity, promotional and informational problems. Students are expected to achieve a higher level of computer expertise learned through a variety of projects demanding advanced knowledge of typography and illustration. Projects will require research. Prerequisite: 341. Offered each Fall semester.

441 Graphic Design V

A concentrated portfolio building class. Students will work on individually designed problems with a higher level of difficulty than previous graphic design courses. Prerequisite: 343. May be repeated once for credit. Offered each Spring semester.