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Brent & Co

April 21st, 2014 @ 5pm in Memorial Center

Brent & Co. has crafted a unique sound by mixing rock, soul, reggae and funk. By combining a guitar, saxophone, bass and kick drum, this trio brings unique flare to any campus.

Brent & Co. is Brent & Cothe musical project of Washington, D.C.-based singer/songwriter Brent Peterson. With musical leanings ranging from reggae and rock to country and funk, the band successfully straddles multiple genres without losing sight of its acoustic rock beginnings.

Last year was a busy year for Brent & Co., with 217 full band and acoustic performances in promotion of their latest EP, “Not How We Dream.”

Recorded in lead singer and rhythm guitarist Brent Peterson’s adopted hometown of Washington, the EP taps into the deep talent pool in the nation’s capital. Produced by Jarrett Nicolay (Virginia Coalition), “Not How We Dream” spans several genres while still holding onto the band’s signature groove-based acoustic rock sensibilities. The rhythm section, comprised of Dominic Fragman on drums and Joey Mitchell (Swamp Candy) on bass, provides much of the album’s strong foundation, and Frank Mitchell & Dave Finnell (Thievery Corporation) bring the complementary horn work. The soulful fiddle playing by Pat McAvinue (candidate for the IBMA Fiddle Player of the Year) ensures that even the group’s expansion into a country sound remains authentic. With this EP, Brent & Co. has found its voice.

Having cut their teeth performing in regional bars, restaurants, and wineries, and even the occasional wedding and European tour, Brent & Co. looks forward to further expanding their geographic reach, and to bringing their energetic show to new audiences including Illinois Wesleyan.

Check back soon for the Fall 2014 event lineup!