Leadership Programs

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs facilitates two separate leadership programs which offer students the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills and identify their leadership style and strengths.The two programs are the First Year Leadership Institute and the Titan Leadership Program. Both programs are voluntary, but they do have an application process and students who are accepted to the programs are expected to fulfill the time commitments for each program and attend all meeting times and events.


The First Year Leadership Institute was designed for first year students who choose to participate.  The program is a 6-week course which begins with the start of fall semester and gives first year students a chance to get acclimated to campus and feel comfortable with getting involved on campus and in the community and encourage them to seek out leadership roles early on in the college experience. Acceptance into the First Year Leadership Institute is not a prerequisite for acceptance into the Titan Leadership Program.  Click here for more detailed information about the program and its requirements for acceptance and participation.

The Titan Leadership Program is a 12-week course which begins each spring semester and is open to students who have reached Sophomore status or higher.  Students who completed the First Year Leadership Institute may also participate in the Titan Leadership Program.  Titan Leadership Program is designed to help students who are planning to take on leadership roles connected with their involvement on campus or who have already been or are currently in leadership roles and who want to further develop their leadership skills and learn more about how individual values influence ones leadership style.  One of the most important aspects of the Titan Leadership Program is that each student accepted to the program is paired with a mentor based on the interests or area of study provided to the program facilitators in the application process.  This provides students an invaluable opportunity to make connections and gain insight into career possibilities after graduation.  Click here for more detailed information about the Titan Leadership Program and when to apply to the program.